Monday, September 13, 2010


Tonight's meeting was not like the others. Everyone but Jesse knew there was more then just a meeting going on. No one told her.

Great job at keeping it a surprise girls!

We were going to celebrate Jesse's birthday! There was going to be pizza, cupcakes and presents.

Jesse was really happy when she found out that tonight was dedicated to her!

As always, we started with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

It was Haili's turn but Nikki offered to help her out. Just like a good girl scout, helping out others :)

All the girls know the Promise but the Law gives them a bit of trouble still. It's OK to read it off the sheet.

Hey! Wait a cotton picking minute! What is going on here? What kind of a leader was I to not even notice that Jesse was NOT standing while we said the Promise and Law?

I'm going to have to watch that from now on.

After we all filled up on pizza, bread sticks and pink lemonade the girls wanted to give their presents to Jesse.

The girls agreed to buy a $5.00 gift for each other's birthdays. They must spend their own money or earn it. They can not just get it from their parents.

They also had to be the one who picked out the gift.

These are true gifts from the hearts.

Each girl was excited for their present to be opened by the birthday girl.

It was so nice to see that it was not the amount of money spent but the thought that was what really counted.

The joy and excitement of each gift was the same (if not more so) then if the girls spent $50 each.

The girls also gave Jesse the t-shirt and dog tag that they got her when they volunteered at the 5K HEROES RUN.

She really liked it and put both on right away. I think it made her happy to know they thought of her even when she wasn't there.

The birthday girl gets all the attention!

I had to laugh because I called Jesse's name and she stopped what she was doing and flashed a big smile.

These girls are trained and know I am always taking their pictures so they just naturally go into a pose when they hear their name.

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesse.

Then it was cupcake time. Or in Jesse's case, frosting time!

They all ate cupcakes and a large pixie stick. That, with the sugar in the lemonade, made them full of energy.

Normally, Trinity doesn't like cupcakes but she seemed to enjoy this one.

Since they were all full of energy and to excited to sit for a meeting, they voted to just spend time together and play tonight.

They had a great time. Running around, laughing and bonding together. I can tell they are growing closer and closer to each other the more time they spend together.

It's really nice to see their friendships getting tighter each time I see them.

Then we had a visitor come. Is this Charlotte from Charlotte's Web? I don't know but it was one BIG spider.

Haili's mom, Michelle, came to it's rescue and pick it up in this cup and saved it's life. She moved him away from the home so it could go on living.

After the thrill of looking at the spider quickly passed, the girls were back to playing again.

Even though the girls were having a super time, we cut the night off 15 minutes early. With all the running around, laughing and screams that little girls make, all the adults were worried they may be to loud for the neighbors.

So, we said our good byes and the party was over.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday the 29th at 5:30pm. I'm going to be out of town on our normal meeting night so please mark your calenders.

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