Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tonight our meeting was another fun one. We actually got a lot done.

We went over all the Fall Product items. The girls saw the patches they could earn, read about the prizes that were offered and we discussed the items for sale.

I also told the girl that in addition to the items the Girl Scouts offered them for selling, I was also going to be getting everyone two fun patches. One for selling the nuts and one for selling the magazines.

The top seller in each category would also get a TOP SELLER patch and a surprise gift. Yes, I'm going to bribe the girls to sell as much as they can.

We also worked on A Healthier You Patch. The girls learned about how calcium helps build strong bones, how important staying active is and about having a good self image.

They all have to write down what items with calcium they ate for a week and what type of activity they did. They will bring these forms back next week and we will complete working on this patch.

Since many items have calcium in them, I wanted to show the girls that even some things they think of as "junk food" can also have some good things, like calcium, in them.

The girls got to make their own Root Beer Floats. I explained that the ice cream had calcium in there and even though this ice cream had 1/2 the fat as regular ice cream it still tasted just as good.

The girls agreed. In fact, they said it was the best Root Beer Float they ever had. I'm sure it was because they got to make their own.

They scooped their own ice cream.

Poured their own Root Beer.

They were all very careful and didn't spill a drop.

Then, they enjoyed their creations.

We missed having Jesse with us.

The girls said they wanted to go visit kids in a hospital and bring them a stuffed animal or book that they no longer use but is still in "like new" condition.

Nikki was so excited about doing this that she ran right into her room and brought out several stuffed animals. Most with the tags still on them.

I told her she had to check with her mom first to be sure it is OK to give them away. I thought it was so sweet how she was so willing to share her items with other kids.

I told them I will check with the hospitals to see when we can go visit and I would set it up for them to go.

We also discussed being prepared for an Earthquake. Our next meeting we are going to participate in the California Statewide Drill called SHAKE OUT.

They were all sent home with some papers they needed to work on with their parents. They will help the families prepare for a major earthquake, should one happen.

As we all know, the experts say it's not a matter of if we will have a big earthquake but more a matter of when we will have it.

It's very important to be as prepared as we can be so, I'm really hoping that all families will work together on this.

The girls will also earn a patch for participating in this.

It was decided that our next patch we will work on is the Pet Care patch. All of the girls just adore animals so I'm sure this will be a fun one for everyone to work on.

I explained to the girls that even though we will work on one patch we will also be working on other ones at the same time as some times the same subject can be found on two or more patches.

Plus, I'm making sure the girls are working towards getting their Brass Award, which is the top award a Junior can get. It takes about the whole two years of being a Junior to get this award but as long as the girls do their homework and complete all patches we work on then they will win this award.

We have several fun things coming up:

The Family Science Festival is on Oct. 3rd.
Camp Scherman is on Oct. 16th.
The Wild Animal Park is on Nov. 13
Working on the Floats for the Rose Parade is on Nov. 20th.

In addition to the above I'm working on:

The hospital visit
A Halloween party
Going to Irvine Park for the Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze and Haunted House fun

Then it will be Dec which of course, will have lots of Christmas fun going on.

Things like:

Decorating Gingerbread Houses
Visit with Santa
Learning how to wrap Christmas presents
Going to see the Christmas lights
A Christmas party of course

We are going to be very busy, learning new things, enjoying some old traditions and all while becoming a better Girl Scout.

If there is anything special you would like to do with the girls or have any ideas on places to go, please let me know.

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