Sunday, October 21, 2012


We all got together for a little Halloween fun at Heritage Hill in Lake Forest.   The girls were excited to get a little scared and a lot of fun.

The first 50 people to buy their tickets got a free ticket to go in the photo booth.  We were lucky that we got there early and everyone got the ticket. 

So that was our first stop!  We figured it would be best to do the photo booth before the lines and also to give a little more time to get dark out before we did the mazes and other scary fun.

The girls all dressed up crazy and took turns getting their photos.  Everyone got to bring home at least one strip of photos.

The excitement was building as it got darker.  I spotted a little photo op where there was an old man sitting.  He wasn't real.  I had the girls go stand by him and without them knowing one of the living slid into the photo. 

Can you see her?  She looks a bit like a little old lady and a bit like a witch.  Once the photo was taken the girls turned around and screamed when they saw her.  Then of course the laughter broke out and they were ready to move on through the maze!

After going through a quick little maze, we came across a fortune teller.  The girls all took turns asking her questions. 
While waiting in line a scary guy came up and quickly caused a mix between laughs and screams! 
We came across the "Haunted Church" where a monster and his headless bride seemed to have just gotten married. 
It was funny because even though the girls knew these were fake, their emotions were getting the best of them and they were leery of even sitting on the steps for a photo.
I can't really blame them though because, you never knew when one of the "fake people" would move and only after it was to late you find out they were not fake after all. 

We found our way to the old school house where some of the past students still seemed to roam.  It was very dark, with scary music and flashing lights so you never knew who you were going to see.
I was able to capture two of these ghosts that did not want any of the living to be inside their beloved classroom.  If anyone dared to even walk in, these two, and others, quickly scared them out.
Once we ran out, the big scary maze started.  There were dark rooms, scary sounds and creatures waiting behind every corner, hidden from sight, just waiting to scary us away.
We all thought this guy was just a dummy.  However, as we walked by him, he quickly walked towards us chased us away.
It wasn't anywhere near as bright as the photos make it seem.  I had my flash going so sometimes, the only way we saw the dead was when the flash went off.
I don't know if I had more fun getting scared or laughing at the girls as they carefully tried to find their way to safety.
Once we made it outside, everyone was laughing and saying they wanted to go through the maze again. 
They said they love getting scared.  None of the "dead" was able to touch anyone, though they would get pretty close to you and come up from behind and scream.
We then went to the other side of the park so we could go watch the movie Frankenstein from 1932.  In order to make our way there we had to go through another maze that a scary carnival.  Here there were ghosts, strange looking creatures that were the "barkers" for the games and some more of the unliving waiting to scare us.
Before the movie started, the daughter of the actor who played the monster in Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) was there for a question and answer session. 
I asked her what Halloween was like at her house as she was growing up.  She said it was very low key and rather boring.  Her father, Boris Karloff, was British and they didn't celebrate Halloween where he grew up.  So, her family never did either.  She was an only child and her father was 55 when she was born so he was pretty old when she was a child.
We then watched some of the movie.  Some of the girls got cold, some were tired and some were hungry.  So we left before it was over.
By this time, the girls were no longer scared of the "undead" and were happy to take pictures with them. 
We then left.  But, we were not ready to go home.  So we made a stop at a local ice cream/sandwich shop and all had a bite or two to eat.  It was a perfect way to end our evening.
I hope all the girls were able to have a nice night sleep and no one had nightmares.