Saturday, October 27, 2012


It was time for the gathering of the witches!
The potions and spell book was out and ready for the magic that was soon to happen.
The table was set all the witches were excited to sit down and see what all waited for them.
Each witch had her own place card showing her where to sit.
Once there she would several treasures for her to enjoy.  A witches boot candle holder, a witch finger sucker, a wrapped large candy bar, a witch cauldron full of sweet treats, a witch broom that was actually a pen,  a fun vintage type straw and her very own witch figure were all treats they got to take home.

They also had a little goodie bag and an apron waiting for her on her chair.

Before we all sat down to eat, we got our aprons on, got out all our magic potions (better known as sugar, flour and eggs, to most of you) and mixed up some fun.

This gathering was not going to be one of our normal all fun parties.  You see, we were going to be doing some community service as well.
We were making several batches of pumpkin bread and then going to go hand it out to the local firemen to thank them for always protecting our community.
In an effort to also get some work done on our MEdia journey, the girls all took turns with the camera. 
Jesse is showing us what plain pumpkin from the can tastes like.  One needs no words to see how she feels.  A lesson learned that one ingredient alone does not make a great taste but mix them all together and it's wonderful.
Since we were getting a little bit hungry, we decided to have a little snack as we baked bread. 
Much better then plain pumpkin and also very healthy!
We didn't want to eat to much because we had a nice hot meal waiting for us.
So it was back to measuring, pouring, stirring.
The magic was happening!  It was turning into a nice batter.
Into the oven the pans went.
Cheers to a job well done.
It was then time to sit down and eat.  Oh wait, looks like they wanted to take a peek into their goodie bags first.
Then it was time to dig in!  Lasagna, salad and garlic bread was eaten in record time.

Everyone worked up a nice appetite. 

Plus it was so yummy!
After we ate, we made picture frames and I printed out a picture from our party for the girls to take home.
They got to pick from a bunch of items to decorate the frames with.  They came out so cute!
Each one looking different made them even more special.
While we were having a lot of fun, everyone was a little sad knowing this was going to be the last girl scout activity Jesse was going to joining us.  She has decided to leave girl scouts and devote her time to doing BMX.

We wish you well Jesse and will miss you!
Since Halloween is also Juliette Low's birthday, we had a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday.  Wow!  This party had it all, community service, crafts, journey work, yummy food, treats and even a birthday remembrance.
So, are you wondering how the pumpkin bread came out?  Well, it didn't do to well.  We made three batches and all three batches failed.  I have no idea why.  We used all fresh ingredients, measured everything really well, the oven worked just fine and the recipe was one that has been used for years and has always turned out perfectly.
Sadly, the firemen did not get any bread delivered to them.  But, we all agreed to not give up and we will try again.  Maybe we bake something else for them but we will for sure be bringing them something. 

At least they gave it a good try.
By the time we finished up with everything, the witches were all full and tired.  We ended the night by eating a bit more candy and then all these good witches headed home.
I hope they had as much fun as I did.