Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The Girl Scouts took over the fair for the day!  Our troop went to join in the fun!

We got to the Pacific Amphitheatre and found some great seats for us to watch our fellow girl scout sister, Verenice, as she was part of the 100 girls cheering on all the girl scouts.

The place filled up pretty fast.  Wow!  There were more girl scouts here together then we have ever seen before!

Our girls and the thousands of other girl scouts said the Girl Scout pledge and promise. 

Then it was time for the girls to cheer everyone on and get them excited for the fun that was about to start!

Verenice did a WONDERFUL job and we were very proud of her.  Way to go Verenice!

The girls all watched Verenice and the other girls very closely. 

Once the two hours of singing and fun was over at the Amphitheatre, we headed into the Fair.  We all met up and congratulated Verenice. 

She and her family were very tired.  They had to get up early to get there to practice so they said good bye to us and the rest of us went in to enjoy the fair.

Once inside, we did a little shopping in the booths.

We all ate lunch and while Liz, her mom and brother were finishing up their lunch, the girls went and got some Dip N Dots.  Perfect for a nice hot day!

The girls took their cold ice cream dots and wanted to walk around while they ate them.  So we went to see some of the girl scout stuff that was going on.

We saw how to put an oven together from a cardboard box.  I told the girls we are doing this when we go camping in a few weeks.  They were excited to see how it works.

We learned how to make peach cobbler in a dutch oven.  Of course the girls wanted to do this when we went camping too, so, I guess we will.

We watched a demo on decorating cupcakes.

Then we went around and was looking at food entries and tablescapes.  At this point, Liz and her family hooked up with us. 

Then we split up as Nikki and Jesse went home.  Liz and her family were going to go on rides. 

Nikki and Trinity hung out with me and we went to the girl scout camp area.  There we saw lots of fun animals.  A group of girl scouts dancing, crafts going on and lots of other stuff.

I even got them to pose for this picture without even a little complaint!

We then went over to see all the animals.  Everyone agreed the little baby pigs that were born the day before were the cutest things we saw in a long time.

We had a fun time at the Fair.  Though we didn't do the normal fair stuff like rides, games and eating our way from the front to the back of the fair, we still had a fun time doing all the girl scout stuff.