Thursday, August 2, 2012


Six of our girls set aside the day to have some fun bowling with their girl scout sisters. 

When asked if they wanted to bowl all together at one lane or split up and bowl at two lanes, the girls all said they wanted to stay together at one lane.

This made me smile because it showed they enjoy being together and no one wanted to be split apart.

They all picked out the balls they wanted, got their shoes on and hit the lanes. 

They would all get excited for each other when they scored and everyone was cheering each other on.

They watched closely as each girl took their turn.

They were having a fun time.  It was really more about spending time together then anyone really caring what the scores were.

We all got some good exercise in while having fun.  That's the best kind of exercise, if you ask me. 

They chatted and laughed and had fun visiting with each other. 

After they finished bowling, I saw Verenice like this.  I wasn't sure what she was doing so I asked her if she was ok.  Turns out she was covering her eyes and counting.  They were playing Hide and Seek.

So, when I saw Nikki like this... well, I knew it was all part of the game.

Trinity had slid in between the wall and change machine.  I'm not sure if she was found or not. 

They were all very good though because they were told they could only play in the area I told them to stay in.  I was able to see them all while they played.

Some girls wanted to keep bowling and so they didn't play hide and seek.  It was nice they could do what they wanted and everyone still have fun.

They worked up an appetite after all that exercise.

So they placed their orders for typical bowling food and filled up.

After eating, it was time to go.  The time flew by!  It always does when we are together.  I don't think we have ever had a time where we didn't wish we had a little more time together. 

That must be the sign of a troop full of girls who really enjoy being together.

All the girls are really excited about our next outing which is camping.  I'm sure we will have fun then too.