Monday, September 19, 2011


We went to Huntington Beach to help out with the National Coastal Cleanup Day.  We were all set to get down and dirty and clean up our local beach!

There were lots of other volunteers there too.  We went to check in, get our gloves and then attack all the trash.

We thought it would be best to head down by the water where most people lay out and families play.  We figured there would be lots of trash there.

The girls were ready to make a difference and they were excited to get to work.

We were surprised to find there wasn't much trash on the beach. 

There was more washed up seaweed then anything.

This was the biggest piece of trash anyone found.  It was a napkin.  I made Trinity pose for this picture so we could at least have one shot of trash.

The girls ended up finding only about 1/3 of a trash bag full of trash all morning.  They mostly found small pieces of trash from bags being opened, people smoking on the beach, plastic water bottle tops. 

We were all very happy to see our city kept their beach clean and nice. 

Since we couldn't find much trash to pick up, the girls started to search for sand crabs and shells. 

The girls left their mark in the sand.

Once we were finished with the trash pick up, we headed up to the Go Green area that was set up on the boardwalk.  There were lots of fun vendors and each one gave out free stuff. 

They also talked to the girls about keeping our world a clean and better place.

They even got a free plant to take home and take care of. 

After we hit up all the vendors, we went down the street to the park.  They were having a Pet Adoption, which of course the girls wanted to go to.

Then we had a picnic lunch and the girls spent some time playing on the playground.  We all had a lot of fun and had a great day.


  1. So cool that you're doing that