Monday, September 19, 2011


Our last meeting was pretty much like the one before only this time, it was Jesse's birthday.

We first practiced working on our Bronze Award ceremony and as soon as the girls felt they got it all down we turned our attention to the party that was waiting.

We sang happy birthday and enjoyed some yummy chocolate cupcakes that Elizabeth brought.

Now I know it looks like we were working on a getting a Clown badge but we weren't.  Jesse became the canvass for the troops icing finger paints.

Soon, some of the other girls started to paint themselves up too.  They were having so much fun, but were made to clean up quickly so the icing didn't stain their skin.

Then one by one, the girls gave Jesse her gifts.

Each gift brought oohs and ahhs as they were open.

Once again, each girl brought something that was suited to Jesse's likes. 

It's so fun to see the thought that each girl puts into the gift for their fellow Girl Scout sisters.

The girls had a sugar high from eating the cupcakes. 

We cleaned up and put things away and I sent them all home to be with their families. 

Once again, we had another fun night.