Sunday, July 24, 2011


To thank the girls for a year of recycling, we took a trip to ZooMars. 

The girls voted on where they wanted to go and this was where they picked.

Zoomars is located in San Juan Capistrano and is a family owned Petting Zoo. 

Even though they have several other animals, the girls wanted to spend most of their time with the Guinea pigs and rabbits.

Some of them were so tame that they didn't care what the kids did to them. 

Look at this guy.  Trinity is holding it like a baby and it loved it.  The little guy just seemed to relax and go to sleep in her arms.

Each girl found the animals that were her favorite and spent most of the time with them. 

The loved feeding them.  Some of them were so full that they couldn't even eat any more.

They also added a new thing to do there.  Mining for gold and gems. 

The only one who wanted to do this was Jesse.  She took home several gems she found. 

They also had a play ground and every once in awhile, they would take a mini break from the animals to run over and play a little bit.

I think they just needed to get up and move around a little bit.  They really did spend hours playing with those rabbits and guinea pigs.

I don't think Nikki left the area where they were located for more then 15 mins. total.  She couldn't seem to get enough of them.

They also built a bigger gift shop.  The girls would wonder in there and try to pick out what she wanted to buy before she went home.

Sadly, they ended up not being able to buy anything because when they told us we had 5 mins. left before they closed, the girls were told that the register was already closed out.  No one was very happy about that.

This little table and chairs was really cute, though it doesn't show up to well in this photo.  They were different animals and toad stools.

A few of the girls did make their way over to pet and play with the goats.  They were actually very sweet goats.

They didn't try to eat your clothes or knock you over.

They ate different food then the rabbits and guinea pigs.  Their food came out of a machine.  So the girls kept it in their shirts. 

I was a little worried about this at first.  I thought maybe they would be like other goats and sheep I had been around that would knock over kids to the food. 

Since that was not the case here, I let the girls continue to feed them this way.

These guys didn't even mind if the kids gave them hugs.  Most goats don't really like to much attention...unless you are feeding them.  But, these guys were so different.  They loved the attention.

It wasn't long before all the goat food was eaten up. 

So, it was back to the rabbits.

And, guinea pigs. 

Then it was time to go.  Of course, each girl wanted to stay longer.   The four hours we were there went by way to quickly for them.

They all wanted to take their favorite animals home.  But, they said their good byes and we finally headed home.

Boy oh boy, these girls sure do LOVE animals.