Sunday, July 17, 2011


Super Girl Camp is over.  The girls had a great time.  Everyone who went was happy they got to go and said they wanted to go again next year.
The first day of camp, everyone was put into different Units.  Each Unit had a name. 

I was the Adult assigned to Aqua Girls, Unit 6.  This was the Unit Jesse, Trinity and Nikki was in.  Sadly, Tuppence was assigned to a different group.  So while I did get a few photos here and there of Tuppence I didn't get as many as the other girls.

I tried my best to catch her at as many activities as I could though.

Unit 6 was picked to lead the flag ceremony on the first day.  The girls were in the Color Guard and presented the flag, said the pledge of allegiance and the Girl Scout Law. 
This ceremony was the official start of each morning, even though they do have singing time first.  That time is really to allow campers to get there before everything starts for the day.

I think they said there were 120 girls at the camp.  I just know it seemed like a lot of girls.  When they sang it was SO loud!

The girls all seem to really love learning all the new songs. 

The first day seemed like it was a bit unorganized.  They had the girls going back and forth and trying to figure out what they should be doing.

The camp was run by the older Girl Scouts and the adults were told to pretty much just sit back and watch.  Don't help out unless there was an emergency or to stop something we felt could end up with someone getting hurt.

The girls were also getting to know each other.  Playing games help to build friendships. 

I have not had a chance to talk to Tuppence since we left camp but I think she made a good friend while she was there. 

Every time I saw her she was with her new friend and sometimes even holding hands as they walked around.

Everyone brought their lunch everyday.  It was like getting to have a picnic for five days in a row.

There is something special about eating outside.  For some reason, everything seems to taste better out in the fresh air.

Not only did they enjoy what they brought for lunch, every day they got two snacks.  One around 10:30 am and one around 2:30pm.

They loved making lanyards.  Every day they were making them.  When ever they had a free minute they would take them out and work on them. 

Every day they had craft time.  They would make something that became a part of a Super Girl costume.

They all got matching red hats.  Of course, that made finding a girl a bit hard.  Trust me, when you put 120 girls all in the same shirts and red hats, it's hard to find who you are looking for.

The first day, they all got their t-shirts. 

The girls all colored in the t-shirts with markers that are color fast.  This was the first part of their costumes.

This was just the first of many crafts.

It was fun seeing all the girls wearing their shirts.  They were all the same shirt but look so different from each other because of the way they colored them.

Each morning as the girls head to the Flag Ceremony, they had to go under the Bridge of Silence. 

We learned about the Bridge of Silence when we all went camping over the weekend.

Tuppence and her mom got to enjoy some time together as everyone sang in the morning.

Playing games really helpped the girls to learn each other names. 

In this game, they would toss a ball over the net after they called out the name of one of the girls on the other side.  If no one caught the ball, after it was tossed, the girl was out.

As a way to keep track of all the girls, they had to line up with a "buddy", two by two and call out their numbers.  Once all the numbers were called out and all the girls were counted for, they were able to move to the next area they were going to.

Lanyards were a big thing!  Everywhere I looked, I would see girls working on her lanyard.  It was the perfect thing to keep the girls busy during the down times or as they waited to move to the next location.

The girls loved doing lanyards so much that they begged me to get some for them to work on as a troop.  So, I went out to Michelle's and purchased several colors. 

I think working on lanyards in the car when we go on our outings would be a great thing for the girls to do to keep them busy.

I'll bring the supplies to our Movie night on the 23rd too.

What kind of a super hero would not have a mask???  Of course, they had to make a mask for their costume.

And a cape.

The Aqua Girls wanted to take a group photo in front of the back drop that one of the older girls made. 

This back drop was used for photos of all the girls so they would have a photo to remember their fun week.  They each made a frame to put the picture in.

The last day of Camp, each Unit got together and did a skit. 

Here is Tuppence's Unit performing their skit.

This is Trinity and Nikki in their skit.  Jesse went out of town on Friday so she was not there this day.

 After the skits were all done, the good byes were being sad and everyone was gathering their things to take home. 

I looked up and saw thie Penguin walking by.  WHAT!  Where did a Penguin come from?

Wait a minute!  I think I know that Penguin.  Do I? 

It's Nikki!  I knew it.  I know my girls from a mile away.  But, to be honest, I still have NO idea why she was walking around in a Penguin costume.

The final song was sung, the last game was played.  No more crafts to do.  The lanyards were put away. 

Super Girl Hero's Day Camp was over for another year.  But...there is always next year!!!