Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Our meeting started off with the Pledge of Allegiance. I thought it was cute how Trinity found a way to hold the flag while having her hand over her heart at the same time.

We are working on the girls standing at attention and showing respect for the flag as they say the pledge. No more letting them getting by with talking, having one leg up on a chair or goofing off.

They are learning that now they are older and are Juniors they must act more respectful and have good manners.

The Girl Scout Promis and Law was said and then it was time for our fun to begin.

The girls voted on doing a craft item first.

I have made it a point to have everything we do tie into earning a patch, award, badge or community service.

I knew I wanted the girls to make something for Thanksgiving but thought I was not going to be able to tie it into anything.

After thinking about it, I knew I would find something they could use it for. I was right!

The patch Art in the Home is where it fits in. One of the items required is to make a Holiday Decor item.

It says "Make a decoration, such as a harvest wreath, a dried flower arrangement, a flag or a table centerpiece to add a festive look to your home during a holiday."

To me, this darling Turkey fits in this category just fine! Don't you agree?

The girls really enjoyed making this Turkey. It was a challenge but they all did great.

Even though it was a kit, there was room for the girls to change things up a bit and make it their own.

They were all different looking but all came out very cute.

Everyone got to take home a 2nd kit to make another Turkey too.

After they finished making their turkeys, it was time to move on to making the Happy Socks.

Everyone brought in old socks and they were piled into the center of the table.

The girls were shown how to roll the socks down to make stuffing them easier. They then added a handful of fiber fill to the sock.

Then they got a scoop of Cat Nip added to the sock.

After that, it was another handful of fiber fill.

A knot was then tied to hold it all inside. That was it! They were done.

They just made a Happy Sock. These are for cats. The cats love to play and snuggle up to these socks. It makes them happy. Thus the name, Happy Socks.

Everyone pitched in and we made a big pile of Happy Socks. Little cat toys and some bigger ones the girls liked to say were cat pillows.

While we were making them, we talked about the cats and how excited they would be to get these toys.

I will be calling the Cat Rescue place to see when we can bring them in. When we can, I will pick up the girls after school and we can go deliver them.

I think Jesse is showing us how the cats are going to act when they get their very own Happy Sock! Either that, or the cat nip has gotten to her.

It's always nice to see the girls getting excited about doing communtiy service work. Helping out others is always a great thing for girls to learn.

All the girls told me they had a fun night and really enjoyed both projects.

They will be getting a patch for doing the Happy Sock project. Happy Socks is a Nationwide company that has their own patch and can only be earned by making these toys for the cats.

Our next outing will be this coming Sat. We are going to the Wild Animal Park to work on getting our Wildlife patch.

I think this is going to be a fun patch to earn and I'm sure the girls will enjoy learing even more about animals.

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