Friday, November 19, 2010


As a follow up to our last meeting, we took our Happy Socks the girls made to the cat rescue.

Nikki was celebrating her brothers birthday so she couldn't be with us today.

We picked this rescue place because it is a no kill rescue and they were very happy to have the girls make the Happy Socks for all the cats there.

As soon as we walked in the cats came running up to the girls. Perhaps it was the smell of the Cat Nip in the Happy Socks but we like to think it was because they were excited to have the girls come to visit.

In the front office they keep some of their house cats. They are allowed to roam free and they can pretty much go wherever they want to.

One cat was so excited about playing with the Happy Socks that he found a way to get inside the bag before we could even take some out.

The girls were more then happy to get down on the floor to play with the cats. There were so many that they didn't know which ones to play with first.

Everywhere you looked there cats. They would be curled up sleeping, on the counters, on the desks and just walking around.

Jesse couldn't help herself and just had to give this fur ball a big kiss.

Haili quietly went up, after Jesse walked away, and gave him another kiss from her.

The staff put the bag of Happy Socks up to keep the cats from crazy trying to get inside the bag. Yet, that didn't seem to deter this cat from reaching in and grabbing one of his own.

We were all happy to see the cats really did enjoy the Happy Socks and felt it was a great thing that we made them for the cats to enjoy.

This big girl kept her eye on us. I think she wanted to be sure we didn't take the bag of Happy Socks to far from her.

The staff took us around for a tour and showed us where some of the cats were kept. These cats didn't get along with other cats so they had to be housed alone. They got to get out several times a day and go in the exercise room so they could run around and play.

Hopefully they will get adopted and have new homes to run around in soon.

The girls tried to pick their favorite ones but again, they were all to cute to only pick one.

We then went outside to the big rooms that housed the cats that did get along with other cats.

They got to roam around and go all over inside two big rooms that were full of cat toys, cat trees, beds and ramps that allowed them to walk and lay around way up high.

This cute girl couldn't get enough of her Happy Sock. She normally is shy and doesn't like to be around people to much. Yet she was all over her Happy Sock and was more then willing to be around people and be pet in order to do so.

The girls learned to be gentle, not be loud and just let the cats come up to them.

As promised, the cats quickly started to come up to the girls and allowed them to pet them.

This cat was named Oreo and was Haili's favorite least in this location.

Another cat enjoying the Happy Sock.

The smiles on the girls faces were just priceless.

Citrus quickly became Trinity's favorite. She loved the orange color and the sweet attitude of this cat.

Haili said she wanted to adopt Oreo. It looked like Oreo wanted to adopt Haili too.

Some of the cats were not real playful. Well, until the girls spent a little time letting the cats know they were safe and would not be hurt. Then they started to come out of hiding and playing with the girls.

Jesse had told me she wasn't a big cat lover. Yet, while we were there she said she changed her mind and wished she could have one.

I think it's great to see the girls loving animals so much. Being a big animal lover myself, I was thrilled to hear they wanted to learn more about animals and do service projects for them.

All to soon, it was time to say good bye to our new friends.

Everyone said they had a great time and wanted to return soon. I promised we would.

In May they have an open house and the staff said they would send us an invitation to go.

After our fun with the cats, everyone was hungry so we went to have dinner at a little ice cream shop.

The girls got to sit in their own booth. It makes them feel more grown up not having to sit with adults.

After dinner, it was ice cream time!

Each girl got to pick out what kind of ice cream she wanted. It took several minutes to decide.

It turned out they all wanted the same kind... candy cane ice cream.

Once again, it was a great day with the Girl Scouts.

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