Sunday, February 12, 2012


It was a fun night for the girls as they got to go to the archery range.

They gathered around the table waiting for their lesson to start.  They were all excited.  Some had gotten a chance to try their hand at archery before but it was nothing like this.  This is where the pros go to practice!

Don showed them the different types of bows and arrows.  He also explained the parts of them and the girls were listening to him and really took it all in.

Of course once they got to actually get up and start to shoot was the most fun part.  But, before they could even pick up their bows, Don made sure they knew all the rules.  One has to be very careful here.  We don't want anyone to get hurt.

After learning all the safety rules, it was time to get their target to hang up.  This is when the excitement really kicked in.

They all had big smiles on their faces as they carefully hung their targets just like Don told them to.

They were taught how to hang the targets at the right height for them.  They didn't want them to be to high or to low.

There was giggles and laughter going on as they each went to their own lane to hang up the brightly colored target that they just knew they would hit.

They then went back to their spots, got their bows and arrows ready.  They all had their arm guards on and they were ready to go!

Don is Jesse's dad so she had her own equipment as they go shooting fairly often.  Lucky girl!

As the girls were shown how to hold the bow they really paid attention.  It was shown how they could really get hurt if they didn't hold it right.  Their arm could get cut, they could hurt their fingers and a lot worse. 

This information was really drilled into them.  Safety is very important and the rules must be followed at all times. 

By now I thought the girls were about to burst from excitement and wanting to shoot those arrows.  Finally, it was time.

They all picked up their arrow, put it in their bows...

They pulled back, took aim...

Kept their elbows up and pulled all the way back to their face.  Then they let go and the arrows flew forward...OK, some flew up to the ceiling, some hit the floor and some when into the other lanes.  But they were all flying.

After everyone was done shooting their arrows and it was clear for them to go, they walked towards the targets and retrieved their arrows.

They went back and tried again.  Don was very good about going to each girl to show them just how to stand, hold the bow and arrow and to remind them to hold their elbow up.

Each time when it was cleared they would walk (not run or skip) down to the wall and get their arrows..if they could reach them.
After shooting for awhile, the girls put a pink balloon up on their target.  No one expected them to be able to hit that small balloon from so far away.

The truth was the girls got closer to hitting the target with having the balloon there then they did without it.  Some got pretty close.

Some even hit the target! 

After they finished shooting, Don showed the girls how to make their own arrows.

They got to pick out their own feathers.  Liz picked out purple.  Just like the Panther Purple at her school.

There was just about every color feather to pick from.  Verenice picked purple and pink.  Each girl had different color combos on their arrows.

They glued on the top and bottom part of the arrows.  I wonder if they remember what they are called.  The top part is the point.  The bottom part is the nock.

Nice job Skylar and Diana!

They got to use the machine that attaches the feathers to the arrow.  Jesse did a super job.

They had to be sure to put the feather in the correct way or it wouldn't come out right.  Great job Trinity!  You got it right.

Don was there to give one on one lessons to the girls. 

Diana was happy with her arrow and took her target home with her too.  She said she had a lot of fun. 

Sofa made a nice arrow too!  I was proud of all the girls and the good job they did.

Nikki said she really enjoyed getting to learn more about archery and wanted to go back again.

Skylar said she loved everything they did.  She was taking her arrow and target home to help her remember how much fun she had.

They girls earned their Archery badge.  This will be the first badge that Verenice will get.  She just joined our troop and already earned a badge.  Way to go Verenice!

Cailyn was having a great time all night.  I didn't even have to ask her if she enjoyed the night.  I could tell by the way she laughed and giggled she was having a blast!

Trinity said she made her arrow to give to her daddy.  How sweet and thoughtful!

Jesse couldn't wait to play with her arrow. 

Liz was proud of her arrow.  She said she also had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

The girls were very well behaved.  They all listened carefully, followed all the rules, was respectful and followed all safety rules. 

When it was time to go, they thanked Don and we gave manager of Orange County Archery a box of girl scout cookies to thank him.  He was thrilled to get them.

I too had a lot of fun and took a lot of pleasure seeing all the girls having such a good time and finding out how much they liked shooting archery.