Saturday, August 27, 2011


First off, I would like to thank Nikki's mom, Sara, for inviting us to her work place.  We all had a great time and loved every minute of it.

Metal Mulisha is known for being a leader in the Motocross market and they design everything from shirts, pants, purses, shoes and just about everything you can think of...even umbrellas.

The girls were excited the minute we stepped into the lobby area.  They were all on their best behaviors and I was proud of how good they were. 

We got a personal tour from Sara, herself!  We found out that Metal Mulisha was part of a larger company and the building housed many smaller companies.  All having to do with fashion.

The owner treats the employee's really well.  He even made sure the halls were made from concrete so the employee's could ride skate boards there. 

Loved seeing this guy using a skate board to carry items.
They even put in small ramps.   I bet they have a blast working here.

The girls loved the skate board idea and enjoyed seeing all the fun things this company does to make working here a super place.

Another great thing about working here is, you get to see the newest and latest releases.  Plus, you get to see what the next year will have out in the stores.

We got to see how the whole clothing industry works.  Here you can see how they cut out samples. 

We saw how sample clothes are made right here.  They cut them out, sew them and try them on models to make sure everything is just as should be. 

Once they get everything done and ready to go to full production, they have places over seas that cut out a large quantity with a laser rather then scissors and the sewing is done in an assembling line.  With one person sewing only the collar and then it gets passed on to the next person who only sews the sleeves and so on.

We got to meet some of the actual designers and they explained how they come up with ideas, how they travel around the world to see the latest fashions and how they do the actual designs on the computer.
The girls learned how even picking out the right material for an item is very important.
We were very lucky that we got to observe a real photo shoot taking place for O'Neill.   I think the girls really enjoyed this.  After all, what girl has not dreamed of being a model one time or another?

Well, our girls don't need to dream any longer.  They actually got to take part in a real photo shoot.

This is the photo that was taken by an actual professional photographer and with the professional model.  Didn't it come out darling!!!

As we continued on our tour, we were able to go into the meeting room.  Big ideas and important money making decisions are discussed here.

The staff at Metal Mulisha was wonderful to the girls.  They would all stop working and talk to the girls about what they do.  Each one explained her part in making sure the clothes and apparel items sold are just what their customers are looking for.

It was very informative to hear all about the different aspects of the clothing industries and how so much goes into one item.   It takes a lot of people to make it all come together just right.

Here the girls are trying to decide which top, that will be released next, was their favorite.

Each girl had a different idea for which job they thought was most interesting.  Some thought the design job was was best.  While some thought the fiance job was.

They all agreed that they LOVE Metal Mulisha!  So, when they each got to take home a purse, they were over joyed.  What a lovely gift.

After we left Metal Mulisha, we went to the park to have lunch and play for awhile.  The girls talked about what they learned and a few even thought they may have discovered what they want to do when they grow up.

It was a great day and one that not many get to have.  We were very lucky and once again want to thank Sara and all the staff for a wonderful time.

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